Sunday, August 12, 2012

Learning From the Masters

A writer would do well to study the writings of famous authors of past generations.  Often, these writings are categorized as Classics.  Classics are timeless stories made vivid by the unique style and creative word of the author.   One may purchase these stories inexpensively at resale shops.  However, there is another way to explore the Classics, and it's free through Librivox. 

My youngest son introduced me to the free Audiobooks' app for Librivox.  Librivox's mission is to record every book that is considered to be in the public domain.  The books are recorded by volunteers.  Currently, volunteers have recorded 5,000+ books in nearly two dozen languages.

Librivox has enriched my life as a writer and added a welcomed amount of pleasure to it.   Every evening, as I stroll about my neighborhood, I listen to a story.  I make note of the pace of the story, how it unfolds, and how the author tempts his readers to read on.  I am always amazed at how talented these authors were. 

These masters were gifted at their craft.  They knew how to manipulate their readers' emotions.   Even a century later, they can manipulate mine.  I love those special times when the suspense is so thrilling I can't bear to hear more.  My senses tell me that my heart is beating rapidly, my pace has quickened, and I'm getting goose bumps.  Oh, how glad I am to be walking after dark, when no one can see my facial expressions.    

Listening to stories by master authors has been the equivalent to taking an excellent writing course.  I am learning from the masters how to develop a story, set pace, and draw the reader in.  It excites me to know that I can improve my craft simply by listening to stories. 

Below, I have listed a few stories I have enjoyed through Librivox.



I hope you will find Librivox beneficial to your writing craft, too.