About - Brenda A. Harris

Contact Information

Company Name: Draw A Circle
Owner: Brenda A. Harris

Email: brenda(at)bharris(dot)net
Location: Houston, Texas
Central Time (281)743.3561

Services Provided

Illustrations - As an illustrator I work with authors to produce illustrations and/or book covers for their, e.g., books, bound manuals. 

Graphic Art - Digital imaging used to produce unique logos, etc. for clients.

Writing Assistant - I can assist you in writing fiction for children (pc and mg stories), personal stories, oral family histories, etc.

Copy editor - If you are in need of someone to tighten your written work, make sure transitions are smoothly done, and help correct grammatical errors, I can help.


I have enjoyed writing, illustrating, and storytelling since childhood.  As a parent and teacher, I learned that good stories help children become strong readers and writers.

For thirteen years I taught my four children at home.  As time progressed, I discovered that my three boys had learning disabilities.  The oldest was diagnosed as having HyperactiveAttention Deficit Disorder.  My second oldest has Attention Deficit Disorder and mild dyslexia.  My youngest had severe dyslexia; he could not begin to read or write until age 12. During this time, I wrote stories for my children to read and enjoy.  In turn, they made up stories and told or read them aloud.  (My daughter, the oldest, developed the habit of journalling everyday.)  Due to their love of stories, the children self-published a newspaper and newsletters.  They sold advertisement to businesses and sold the papers in their community.  Their growing love of stories helped them battle the challenges of their learning disabilities.

Later in life, I became an public school teacher and worked with disadvantaged children in my Houston community.  At school, I introduced new vocabulary to my students through made up stories.  Storytelling was a fun way for them to learn new words and stimulate their imagination.  I also brought to school stories that I had written and read them aloud.  In this way, my students learned the joy of creating, publishing, and telling stories.   

As an artist, my style of drawing and painting matured as I took a variety of art courses at different colleges.   I attended Houston Baptist University, College of DuPage, and North Central College. I now have a Concentration in the Arts and in Social Studies.   I also a B.A. in Elementary Education.

Now, I am a freelance artist, writer, and illustrator.  My company name is Draw A Circle.

Illustrator - medium: digital, graphite, colored pencil, ink, oil/acrylic paints
Graphic Arts - digital imaging

Artist - medium: graphite, colored pencil, oil/acrylic paints, oil pastels