Thursday, December 29, 2011

page 2, Octi the Octipus

Once upon a time their was a Octipus named Octi.  She was a clever little girl
One day Octi asked her mom if her friends can come over to play.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4. Autumn With Happy from "Happy's Journal"

October 1
     I miss Shrill.  He never perches around anymore.  Ever since that pretty new bird showed up, Shrill's always flapping about with her.  Her name's Blue Iris.  I wish my name was beautiful like hers, not plain blah Happy.  Who ever heard of a bird called Happy?

November 1
     I felt the first snowflakes today.  Soon, I'll be heading South, back to Grammie and Pappy's house.  Chirp says he wants to go with me to meet the family.

     I think I'm in love.

3. Summer from "Happy's Journal"

August 1
     It's gorgeous outside.  I don't want to spend any time inside, not even when it rains.
     Shrill and Chirp have invited me to go for a swim in their birdbath.  I think they're spoiling me.
     I made blackberry-worm pie for Chirp's birdday.  It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e!  Everyone gave it a wings up except Dig.  His was a tails up. lol!

Monday, December 19, 2011

2. Spring With Happy from "Happy's Journal"

May 1
     The frost has let up.  I can scratch the ground now.  Today, I planted the blackberry seeds I brought with me.   I can’t wait until harvest.   Blackberry pie  just like Granny makes back home, yummy!  
      I’ve think I’m going to get out and visit the neighborhood this afternoon.  I’m  hoping to flock with other bluebirds.  I need some friends!!!

June 1
I have some good news and scary news.
     First, the scary news.  At sun up, Dig and I were breakfast hunting. The wind had picked up, but it wasn't bad.  I found a juicy worm in the dirt and began pulling on it.  Suddenly, the wind turned and I smelled carnivore breath.  I looked up and saw the biggest, scariest cat face staring down at me!!!  His fangs were as long as my beak.  I was  freaking out.  I couldn’t even squawk.

 My tail feathers are still shaking.  Thankfully, Dig emptied the acorns from his cheeks and bombarded the monster with them.    But that’s not all, Dig threw himself at the cat and bit him!  The cat took off with a shriek.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’ve never known a hero until now.  Dig is my hero and a true friend.
     Ok, now the good news.   I made 2 new friends.  They’re bluebirds, like me. Their names are Chirp and Shrill.  I told them about my near death experience.  They promised to protect me.  I know they’ve got my back feathers.

1. How Happy Found a Home from "Happy's Journal"

March 16
      Arrived yesterday. Navigation faulty -  destination unknown.  Could the new moon have been the culprit?   Hit landfall beak first, exhausted.  I was stuck in a pile of snow.   An old squirrel dug me out and took me home. 
     Stranger  seems nice.  Calls himself Squirrel Digger.  Tells me he’s lived here, in the town of Happiness, all his life.  We shared a cup of warm water and a bowl of pecan meat.  I sure felt refreshed after that.  When I told him my name was Happy, he laughed and called me Happy the Bluebird of Happiness.   :> 
March 17
     Digger told me about a vacant rent house.  The owner, a Mr. Flycatcher, left last fall.   Apparently, he met a young Miss Flycatcher and headed for the warm South to start a family. 
     Today, I toured the rent house. It seems just right for me - sturdy and weather proof.  I guess I’ll be staying in Happiness.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birdhouse#2 - Bluebird of Happiness introduction

I have decided to paint the second birdhouse as it would typically appear through a timeline of the 4 seasons.  A winter scene is depicted on the front.  The character, Happy the Bluebird, arrives at the birdhouse with a satchel swung over her shoulder.  Happy notices that the house is vacant.  A "For Rent" sign tells her the house is in need of renters.  

Monday, December 12, 2011

3. Birdhouse # 1 finished

     The picture book No Time for Bath birdhouse is finished.  It took about 6 hours to complete, once I had decided where my illustrations would go.      
     It's acrylic with decoupage illustrations.  Acrylic proved to be a great medium for this project.  I let the painted art work dry out overnight.  Then, I glued  on the paper images.  Last, I sealed it with a protective coat.

2. Birdhouse sketches

     I've taken several days to mull over the ideas in my head.    Birdhouse #1 will feature illustrations from a story I have written.  The story is called No Time for Bath.  I decide to use acrylic on the first birdhouse.  I'll also decoupage miniature copies of my illustrations onto it using Elmer's Glue.  Then, I'll use Krylon Mat Finish to seal and protect the project.  I can't decide whether to add a glossy finish or leave it flat.

1. Illustrating a 3-D object

I have begun illustrative work on wooden birdhouses. After priming the birdhouses, I must decide what story they will tell.  This is very important.  The piece should send a message: This piece has been carefully crafted.  It is well thought out and involves excellent  color scheme.  The viewer must get a sense of wonder to satisfy me.   The viewer is the child in us.    

Monday, December 5, 2011

God and His People - A Perspective, page 2

1. The definition of "friend" fluctuates. It seems to be dependent on what we want. But God's definition of friend is true and blessed.

2. If at first you don't succeed, who has the reigns? If again you don't succeed, remember: To the world Jesus was a failure, but to God Jesus Christ was victorious.

3. I'm all for not leading the masses. I'm all for not having the masses lead me. But Jesus? He can lead me and through me any day of the week.

4. To a young child, the world is fresh, calling to be explored. To a new believer, the word is fresh, calling to be explored.

5. How many of you consider yourselves the odd man out? Are you a little strange compared to everyone else? Is it all of us? Is the incrowd hopelessly faking it?

6. Are we all quirky? Then, God bless his wisdom for making us so. For we can only get along, because of his love.

7. Pray. Pray for God's will to be done at all cost. Let man not be ashamed of a history of what he has done without God.

8. Jesus is my Lord. He is also my big bro. He doesn't let the devil mess with me. I'm his little sis and he loves me. He shows me the way and tells me the truth.

9. Put others above yourself, but don't let them mop the floor with you.

10. I may have many plans in my head for my life, but God knows the road to take and when and how I'll get there.

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God and his people - A Perspective, page 1

1. We think we want more. We're told we need more. But, God is more than enough for us.

2. The forgiver is as blessed as the receiver.

3. God's glory manifests itself in the life of believers, and it is beheld by all mankind.

4. Doctrinal differences divide God's people. Where is tolerance and forgiveness? Where is grace?

5. Grace is a popular subject, until you act on it. Then, folks think your strange.

6. The older I get, the more grace abounds, the less I speak.

7. Sometimes, it's a fatal thing to expect Christian conduct from Christians.

8. The Lord Jesus is most beautiful. His blessings are worthy of praise.

9. God's love satifies my thirst for him. His peace calms my heart. I am blessed, because God calls me his, forever.

10. If only the unified body (church) of Christ would focus on God's grace as they deal with each other's differences.

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