Monday, December 19, 2011

2. Spring With Happy from "Happy's Journal"

May 1
     The frost has let up.  I can scratch the ground now.  Today, I planted the blackberry seeds I brought with me.   I can’t wait until harvest.   Blackberry pie  just like Granny makes back home, yummy!  
      I’ve think I’m going to get out and visit the neighborhood this afternoon.  I’m  hoping to flock with other bluebirds.  I need some friends!!!

June 1
I have some good news and scary news.
     First, the scary news.  At sun up, Dig and I were breakfast hunting. The wind had picked up, but it wasn't bad.  I found a juicy worm in the dirt and began pulling on it.  Suddenly, the wind turned and I smelled carnivore breath.  I looked up and saw the biggest, scariest cat face staring down at me!!!  His fangs were as long as my beak.  I was  freaking out.  I couldn’t even squawk.

 My tail feathers are still shaking.  Thankfully, Dig emptied the acorns from his cheeks and bombarded the monster with them.    But that’s not all, Dig threw himself at the cat and bit him!  The cat took off with a shriek.  I couldn’t believe it.  I’ve never known a hero until now.  Dig is my hero and a true friend.
     Ok, now the good news.   I made 2 new friends.  They’re bluebirds, like me. Their names are Chirp and Shrill.  I told them about my near death experience.  They promised to protect me.  I know they’ve got my back feathers.

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