Monday, December 5, 2011

God and his people - A Perspective, page 1

1. We think we want more. We're told we need more. But, God is more than enough for us.

2. The forgiver is as blessed as the receiver.

3. God's glory manifests itself in the life of believers, and it is beheld by all mankind.

4. Doctrinal differences divide God's people. Where is tolerance and forgiveness? Where is grace?

5. Grace is a popular subject, until you act on it. Then, folks think your strange.

6. The older I get, the more grace abounds, the less I speak.

7. Sometimes, it's a fatal thing to expect Christian conduct from Christians.

8. The Lord Jesus is most beautiful. His blessings are worthy of praise.

9. God's love satifies my thirst for him. His peace calms my heart. I am blessed, because God calls me his, forever.

10. If only the unified body (church) of Christ would focus on God's grace as they deal with each other's differences.

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