Monday, December 5, 2011

God and His People - A Perspective, page 2

1. The definition of "friend" fluctuates. It seems to be dependent on what we want. But God's definition of friend is true and blessed.

2. If at first you don't succeed, who has the reigns? If again you don't succeed, remember: To the world Jesus was a failure, but to God Jesus Christ was victorious.

3. I'm all for not leading the masses. I'm all for not having the masses lead me. But Jesus? He can lead me and through me any day of the week.

4. To a young child, the world is fresh, calling to be explored. To a new believer, the word is fresh, calling to be explored.

5. How many of you consider yourselves the odd man out? Are you a little strange compared to everyone else? Is it all of us? Is the incrowd hopelessly faking it?

6. Are we all quirky? Then, God bless his wisdom for making us so. For we can only get along, because of his love.

7. Pray. Pray for God's will to be done at all cost. Let man not be ashamed of a history of what he has done without God.

8. Jesus is my Lord. He is also my big bro. He doesn't let the devil mess with me. I'm his little sis and he loves me. He shows me the way and tells me the truth.

9. Put others above yourself, but don't let them mop the floor with you.

10. I may have many plans in my head for my life, but God knows the road to take and when and how I'll get there.

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