Monday, December 19, 2011

1. How Happy Found a Home from "Happy's Journal"

March 16
      Arrived yesterday. Navigation faulty -  destination unknown.  Could the new moon have been the culprit?   Hit landfall beak first, exhausted.  I was stuck in a pile of snow.   An old squirrel dug me out and took me home. 
     Stranger  seems nice.  Calls himself Squirrel Digger.  Tells me he’s lived here, in the town of Happiness, all his life.  We shared a cup of warm water and a bowl of pecan meat.  I sure felt refreshed after that.  When I told him my name was Happy, he laughed and called me Happy the Bluebird of Happiness.   :> 
March 17
     Digger told me about a vacant rent house.  The owner, a Mr. Flycatcher, left last fall.   Apparently, he met a young Miss Flycatcher and headed for the warm South to start a family. 
     Today, I toured the rent house. It seems just right for me - sturdy and weather proof.  I guess I’ll be staying in Happiness.

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