Sunday, March 11, 2012

Christ in the Neighborhood, Page 6

My neighborhood's Ladies' Bible Book Club has been in existance for about two months now.  It's located in my house.  The ladies knock and come in with their bibles (door is unlocked).  We sit around the dining room table.  For refreshment, there's hot tea and mixed nuts.  We laugh and share.  We take turns rereading assigned bible chapters.  Then, we talk about what insights we've gotten from reading them. 

But last week something interesting happened.

 At our meeting, one of the ladies said she wished we had a church right in our neighborhood.  I thought about her statement all week long.  You see, I've wished for a church in my neighborhood for years now.  I know what you're thinking.  Erase that! (Not a church building.)

Here's my vision of a neighborhood church:

We get to know each other - really know each other.  We become a community of believers.  Below are some examples of what might go on in a neighborhood church.

If someone needs a 20 foot ladder, or a generator, or some other sort of tool, they don't have to rent it from the local hardware store.  Church members will share what they have.

If someone needs a babysitter, or pet sitter while they're gone, church members will help out.

We could have a food coop - buy large quantities and divide it up.  This could help those who need to spend sparingly.

Our concerns would be local - prayer and action.  Do you get the idea?  We would meet to fellowship.  A Christ centered fellowship is an awesome thing to be a part of. 

Without the hierarchical structure of an institutional church, this church would embody a natural christian life.  The church would consist of families living within a 5 minute walk from each other.  This close proximity would give everyone easy access to fellowship.  Easy access would also make it easier for us to minister to one another.

A church doesn't have to meet on Sundays.  It doesn't have to meet once a week.  It does need to be filled with God's Spirit to be vibrant.  God's Spirit will help us have grace when difficult issues arise.  It will remind us to be sacrificial for his purpose.  His Spirit will keep the church alive.

Wow! How can this not be from God?  This is unity of the body with Christ as Lord.   

I'll share this vision with the ladies of the Bible Book Club and then I'll hope and pray.

Help Neighbors
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You may say:  Wait!  How is this special?  How is it different from what a good family does for each other, or having a tight friendship between neighbors? 

It's not.  Except that it's centered on Christ.  And this will no doubt cause us to step outside of our comfort zone.


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    1. Thanks Louise. It will be just wonderful is the ladies in the Bible Book Club are as receptive as you.:)