Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"I'm a loooser!"

"I'm a loooser !" My dad would join the Beatles, in belting out the chorus to "I'm a Loser".  This happened whenever that song came on the radio, and it came on a lot!  As a kid, with limited English, I'd sing along with him. "I'm a loooooser!"

Later, I learned all the lyrics, but my favorite part was, "I'm a loooser,and I'm not what I appear to be." So true, I thought in my childish contemplations.

I welcomed my teen years singing, "I'm a Loser". I played it cool in school. I was too cool to want to be popular. I was an artist and everyone knows artists are cool and aloof.

"A New Dawn" by Dean W. Harris
In my bedroom, I sang, "One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do." I became lonely. I searched for a soulmate. I sang, "Give me love, give me life, give me peace of mind." In college, I met my soulmate; we've been together for 31 years. He introduced me to Jesus (a loser, too).

I still sing, "I'm a loooser!" It's perfectly okay being a loser. In fact, it's very satisfying. It gives peace of mind. My days are filled with the awesome curiosities of life. I'm free to express myself; creativity is not held hostage by commercial demands.

I enjoy singing, "Give me love, give me light (life), give me peace on earth (of mind), because in God's eyes, I'm a winner.  In my eyes, too.  (BTW: Jesus is the mega winner.) 

Are you a loser? 

"I'm a Loser" by The Beatles (1965)
"One" by Three Dog Night (1969)
"Give Me Love" by George Harrison (1973)

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