Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Make a Storyboard Template

How to Make a Storyboard template:

A website that has a variety of FREE templates is Incompetech.  To begin, go to  http://incompetech.com/ .  Select Graph/Grid Paper.  Click on Brick, Asymmetic, and Specialty and then, storyboard generator.  This window will appear.

Download it by clicking on Download PDF.  You will find that you have choices for making storyboards.  Experiment with these choices until you get the results you want - number of panels, heading, writing lines.  Now you have a story boardtemplate.

Adding text to your template:
   If you want to add text, select the paper and pen Icon.  To the right, under Sign Now window,  click on Add Text.   An Add Text bar will appear.  Now, you can type on your storyboard.  (I like to add page numbers and story text.) To delete or change text, place cursor on text and left click your mouse.  The text box will be highlighted and you can delete your text or click on it to reenter that specific text box.

Here is a 6 panel storyboard for a picture book I'm working on.


Print it.  Now, repeat the process for the next set of pages as needed.

Examples of a picture book storyboard I am working with.

Storyboard Printouts:  left: 9 panel.  right: 6 panel.

Other Storyboard Help:

A site for digital storyboards is http://www.jasonohler.com/pdfs/storyboard_template.pdf .  There are 2 templates plus instructions.  However if you go to his commercial site, Jason Ohler (Technology Teacher/Speaker) lists an immense number of websites with resources for making digital storyboards.
The Chronicle of Higher Education’s article: “Submitting Digital Art for Publication: Advice From an Art Director” interviews Jill Shimabukuro, Director of Design and Production at the University of Chicago Press (UCP).  The UCP has set standards for authors who want to submit digital art for publication in UCP.  These guidelines are helpful for anyone wanting to include photos, art, and/or illustrations with manuscript submissions. 

Go to http://chronicle.com/blogs/  and type – “submitting digital art”   into Search to find the article.