Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Music Logo for a Music Producer

My musically talented brother, Max Aguilar (with a name like that you know he's an artist), made the music for a book trailer I was working on.  The music was funny and funky.  It fit right in with the life of the characters in my chapter book, ADOLFO AND ATHENA.  I had no idea music could make me laugh, but his had so much character I had to laugh.

Not long after that, I attended Houston's 2012 SCBWI conference and won a bid for a book trailer from Ink In Motion (IM).  IM is working on my trailer now.  I requested that they to put the name of my brother's company Sonic Puppy Productions on the trailer.  IM said they would need a logo and would use a generic one, if Max didn't have one.  Max had no logo.  So, I made him one.

Max laughed when he saw it.  That's the reaction I was looking for.   I hope it makes you laugh, too. 

Copyright: Brenda A. Harris

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