Monday, November 26, 2012

A Toddler for Grammie

Thanksgiving week I became a "Grammie" or grandmother.  Not an official grandmother.  The U.S. government has to approve of my daughter and son-in-law as adoptive parents first.

Although these new parents had sent me a few video clips and pictures, of a rambunctious 23 month old they had parented for a week, I wasn't sure what he would be like.

This is my daughter's rabbit "Stew".
Kids are like fingerprints.  Each one is different from another.  I had 4 toddlers of my own. They came about two years apart.  My baby girl was quiet, sweet, and cautious.  Think baby bunny.

Baby boy #1 was more active than a kernel in a sizzling pan .  I nicknamed him sponge because he guzzled water like an elephant.  He was loud, daring, and independent.  Think grizzly bear.

Baby boy #2  liked to say yes when he really meant no.   Singing, daydreaming, and making art with just about anything was one way to describe him.  A free spirit, I think.

Baby boy #3 was thoughtful, soft spoken, and gentle.  A girl magnet, even as a toddler.  I called him "little man".

Now they're adults, and here was my first Thanksgiving with my first grand baby.     

My grand baby is a little boy.  He's cautious with strangers, but after he gets to know them, he's ready to give the biggest  bear cub hug and smoochie kiss East of Texas.

My first grand baby.

He loves to growl "no" at the strangest times.  He's a runner, jumper, and shouter.  His smiles give so much they are incredible to describe.  Oh, he's as active as a cup of kernels in a sizzling pot.  His eating?  Well, he eats and drinks more than three hungry toddlers at a late lunch.  He's love warmed by sunshine.

I'm back home now, and I miss him.  Grandpa does, too.  My grand baby is 1,040 miles away.  He gives his new mommie and pappi blissful happiness, wet sloppy diapers, and much to think about. 

I can't wait to see him again; being a patient "Grammie" is tough.


  1. Congratulations, unofficially!

  2. What a fun post. My toddler and I recently visited my parents. It was tough leaving Grandma and Grandpa. I hope you don't have to wait too long for your next visit.

    1. I'm sure you two made them very happy. I hope you didn't have to travel too far to see them. Will you see them for Christmas, too? This Christmas my daughter and her fam will get to visit us, if the judge allows them to take the baby out of state.

  3. Thanks, Julie. It is an awesome thing, being a grammie to this little guy. :)