Friday, November 16, 2012

Via Colori Houston 2012 Participating Artist

Tomorrow I will be participating in Via Colori's 7th Annual Houston Street Painting Festival.  The artists and sponsors of this festival help raise awareness for those who are hearing and speech impaired.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are raised to help support the work that the staff of the Center for Hearing and Speech (CHS) do.  One of the most important things they do is help kids prepare to enter Kindergarten. CHS has its own school for children 18 months to pre-K age. 

I've been preparing for this event for weeks.  Practicing my art on my rough canvas (the driveway) with pastel sticks that wash off easily with water. 

I began with a digital image I had made months ago.  I liked the color and pattern of the worms and thought I would enjoy blending my new pastels to make the varied colors of the waves.

These characters are the Texas Eight Pointed Forester. 
They are vacationing in the Texas Gulf.

The last time I worked on murals, I was in high school.  So, I wanted to practice, practice, practice.  I'm glad I did.  As I worked, I discovered I needed a list of things I would have never thought of unless, I was actually working on the mural.

I discovered:
-  Making a grid drawing was too time consuming.  I was worn out before I began to fill in the    design.  I needed tracing paper and a document projector for magnification.
-  The sun zapped my strength.  I should work before 1:00 PM and after 4:00PM, if possible.
-  I must wear clothing that won't drag and smear my work as I lean over.  Must get a hat.
-  Rubbing the pastels into rough cement hurt my fingers.  I bought stencil sponges on wooden sticks.  These I used to blend and spread the pastels.
-  I need a chair for resting breaks.
-  A damp washcloth helps keep me, and my materials, clean.  
-  I should start at the top and finish each section before starting on the waves.
-  My water drops need a template to be perfectly round.  The hardware store has washers in varied sizes.

Finished Pastel Mural 4'x4'
Original Artwork

Ready? Well...
I received a beautiful T-shirt advertising the festival.  I washed it and tried it on for comfort.  The neck was too snug so, I snipped.  The shirt was too long so, I snip-snipped.  The sleeves were too long; I folded them under.  Then, I took out my sewing needle and thread.  I sewed.  I took out my crochet stick and yarn and added trim.
Gosh, I guess I'm ready. 


  1. It looks great. Can't wait to hear about the experience. Plus, I think you should share your shirt. :) Good luck.

  2. Hope you have a blast! Your piece looks wonderful!

    1. Hi Julie,
      I did have a blast! There were so many visitors from different states and countries. I was surprised that people ooohed my tiny artwork (4'x4'). A huge Snoopy mural was to my left and a huge Carmen Miranda (think fruit basket hat)portrait was to my right. Those were amazing murals. I've got to take my camera a today and share with you guys.

  3. Hi Stacy,
    My shirt? Your comment made me chuckle. I will share my shirt. The mural is 1/2 way done. I'm on my way back today to finish it. Wondering what the elements have done to it. I covered it with plastic when I left Saturday evening. Hope it's okay.