Sunday, January 6, 2013

Digital Painting on the Ipad

I ordered a couple of online videos from Folio Academy  for Christmas.  I had heard Will Terry had some really good videos on digital art.

Digital Painting in Photoshop
Digital Painting in Photoshop Part 2
Beginning Photoshop
How to Illustrate Children's Books

I learned about his classes through an online buddy.  She had purchased his videos and found them helpful.  You can see some of Terry's work on YouTube .  He's impressive.  Terry likes to sketch with his fingers on his Ipad and transfer the image to his computer where he finishes.  He finishes his work using Photoshop 5.

After watching a couple of videos, I started sketching on my Ipad using SketchBook X (Express).  I couldn't resist adding color to my finger sketches.  This is a great way to review what I've been learning from Terry. 

I like to work while my guys are watching boring manly stuff on TV.  You know- football, zombies/horror/shoot 'em up movies, the stock market recap.... 


Just typing it in is putting me to sleep.  Okay, so maybe this stuff isn't manly. It just brain numbing boring. 
 Here is an unfinished doodle.  I liked playing with symmetry.  It took me a just few hours (as you can tell) to get to this stage. 

Here's my second doodle.  I  experimented with hues, tints, and grays.  Can't do too much with a free app.

About the image:
Yes, the chin is flat and the chest looks like part of the face.  Think folded paper doll, if you must. lol 

Grab your Ipad.  Have some fun.  Give digital painting a try.

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