Thursday, January 24, 2013

People Are Surprising

People make me smile, laugh, shake my head in amazement, and cry.  They can also frighten, but I'll skip that one.

The dear people I know are so very different from each other.

My friend Denny is a sensitive sympathetic soul.  She loves cute animal.  She emails and texts cute animal photos with warm fuzzy sayings and so on.  You know the type. 

Recently, she moved into an apartment.  It became infested with roaches when her neighbors fumigated.  The day I visited, the roaches came out to greet me.  Even the fresh pot of coffee she made had roaches floating about.  Ugh!

How could I help my dear friend?  I offered to bring her a cup of D.E. (diatomaceous earth) powder to sprinkle around her home.  "It's organic and environmentally friendly", I explained.  "It consists of the fossilized remains of microscopic shells. It kills any creature with  an exoskeleton, because it works by dehydrating insects when they ingest or absorb it."

She looked aghast.  Oh no, she could never use something that would cause roaches to suffer.  Oh how awful.

Really?  I was surprised.  Roaches carry disease.  They chew into plastic, cardboard, and clothes.  They pollute our food and water supply.  Yuch!

I suppose that didn't matter to her.  Perhaps, she was thinking they were one of God's creatures - which they are.

Amazing, but true.

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