Monday, February 13, 2012

Using Daz 4 - Baby Digging

Cute Baby using a play shovel to dig in the sand.
     I downloaded Daz Studio Pro 4 (free for a limited time).  Then, I purchased Cute Baby, but in order to use it I needed to buy Millenium Baby 3.0.  For under $30.00, I purchased these two packages.  It's fun playing around with Cute Baby.  I added a diaper and t-shirt.  Next, I colorized both items with my color choices.  

Afterwards, I wanted to add lighting.  It needed to be strong enough to give the impression of outdoor sunlight.  You can see in the picture above, how light reflects on Cute Baby from two sources - direct sunlight from above and reflected sunlight from the ground.

     Placing copier paper over the figure, I traced the figure lightly.  Then, added hair and a play shovel.  The next stage is to trace this figure onto art paper, add a scene and miscellanious props.  I'll use ink and colored pencils to finish the product. Once the artwork is done, it's scanned into my computer where I use GIMP (a downloadable free product) to enhance the colors and remove any wayward pencil marks.

Finished illustration.

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