Monday, February 6, 2012

How Do You Find Time to Write?

Yesterday, a blogger asked her audience, "How do you find time to write?"  Great question.  Here's my 2 cents worth. 

It seems that many women blog at night, when the baby's asleep, or the kids are at school.  Since I'm currently not working, I write my blogs, illustrate my stories,  and work on promoting my book during the day.  I get my excercise in, study my bible, and some chores.  This leaves me little time for writing stories. 

Like most women, I learned to multitask at a young age: fold the clothes while watching TV, make my lunch during commercial breaks, weed while drinking my coffee, etc.  So, when I received a laptop and later an Ipad, I was thrilled.  Now, I write on the couch while my husband watches all manner of uninteresting man shows.  We make conversation during commercials.  The cat even gets his daily petting.

Writing while the TV is on trains my concentration.  How? Well, I don't like violence, thrillers, or sports.  No war films(documentary or otherwise), too.  So, I focus, focus, focus.  Sometimes I cheat and use earplugs.

Occasionally, my boys will sit and watch manly shows with dad.  I'm there, the lone woman joining discussions on i.e. use of technical weapons, during commercial breaks.  Did I mention, my men can't seem to multi-task?  A good manly movie requires all of their attention.

So, I draft stories, rewrite them, read up on writing techniques, and even answer emails.  When my drafts are complete I move them to the day time pile.

Yesterday, during Super Bowl Sunday, I drafted a whole chapter for my story "Adolfo".  I even took a 50 minute walk.  I'm so happy!


  1. I write while my husband is playing video games. I use to jog everyday then I just let it fall to the side to make time for writing. So in January my husband and I joined a couple's workout.

  2. hi Rena, writing while hubby plays video games is a great idea. Mine doesn't do it much anymore. I wish I'd have thought of that back then. Now, it's Star Gate episodes on NetFlix. :)