Friday, January 6, 2012

Baby Spider, page 2

Baby Spider shows everyone he is too brave to be little.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself in the business of publishing a story. When I take this first draft picture book story to my critique group, they will probably (gently) say, "Work on your story some more. It needs more Oomph!" But let me say, that the joy of being an illustrator is that I get to capture my imagination and put it into visual form.

Now, you're looking at Baby Spider and wondering why I made him yellow-orange with black spots. Well, that's because he is from the Genus Poecilothomisus. He's a crab spider from Australia. The real crab spiders are beautiful. Actually, they look like they are made of shiny plastic. I couldn't resist. Take a look yourself:

Crab Spiders of Australia -

Genus Poecilothomisus
The Find – A – Spider Guide for the Spiders of Southern Queensland

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