Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flooding and Tornadoes - Oh, Houston!

 Oh Houston, when will you fix our flooding problems?  Some children can't leave their schools because the streets surrounding the schools have disappeared.  Most of us can't get home after work.  Any cars parked on the street go under. 

Sometimes home are destroyed by flooding waters.  This occurs in mostly poor areas.  This is so sad.  The poor don't have home or rental insurance.  Most of the elderly don't either - just ask my parents.  I was stuck safely at home.  My street was an island surrounded by water.

Houston is also part of "Tornado Alley".  Surrounding areas got hit with tornadoes that tore roofs off and knocked down trees.
My husband was stranded at work. 
My son missed a day at the University of Houston.

Our cars were not parked on the street.  This poor person found the
parking space at work full. So, he parked his car in the street as many
others had. 

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