Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trailer for "Adolfo and Athena" - Post 1

The work has begun on a storybook trailer for "Adolfo and Athena".  After getting the gist of a script for my trailer, I began viewing the picture book trailers that have been made by authors in the "12 x 12 in'12" group.  I noticed that the trailers on YouTube contained music and sound but no voice over or people.  I searched some more on YouTube and found the same thing.  This made me wonder.  Was that the correct format for trailers?

My trailer will have at least one actor, scenes, and voiceovers.  I'll be acting as myself, but what I say will come from a fictional script.

At the moment, I'm sketching the mice (the main characters of the story) in a variety of poses.  I'm also considering whether the trailer can be shot in my backyard.  Any additional settings can be hand painted.
Shimmy is looking at the mice sketches.

The trailer will probably turn out very unprofessional and homey, but I like that.  Will it hurt my book sales?  I don't know.  But, the audience will get to see art and perhaps enjoy the creativity.  (Oh, God is so good; what creative fun we will have.)
Just need to crop and add color.
Love Elephant Ears

I wonder if the weeds will stay in time for filming.
 I'll try to post the trailer script for "Athena and Adolfo" tomorrow.  (BTW, the storybook "Athena and Adolfo" is freshly out on Kindle.  Check it out.  :)


  1. Brenda, you must remember you have a huge advantage over us authors who don't draw! You are talking about sketching and painting etc. for your trailer - I can't do that, so I'm stuck with music and the Ken Burns effect :) So your options are much wider. I don't think there's a right and wrong. I think if your trailer is engaging and fun and makes people interested in your book, that's all that matters :)

  2. Thank you Susanna for your input. It means a lot to me. We'll see how it goes. I'm just going to have fun. My hope is that fun and love will shine through.

  3. You really are blazing the trail Brenda! Thanks for taking us with you.

  4. Many trails have dead ends, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't check them out. Right? Thanks Julie for your support.